has anyone seen my patience,,?

Apparently I came to work today with only one nerve, and I seemed to have lost that nerve very quickly. This mood I seem to be in has been rare these past few weeks. I have been eating healthy and feeling better which has seemed to make my over all mood better! However I am having a week day. One of those days where I want to quit my diet and eat my weight in cookies and ice cream… I know this mood and day will soon pass.. hopefully very soon… Until then I will be looking up some motivation on handy dandy Pinterest!

On another note this past week has been pretty eventful. I cooked a delicious chicken taco casserole, and some home made guacamole for my family.

photo 1

I got the recipe from Pinterest! Everyone loved it, And not to mention it was so EASY!

 We has a pest scare at our house (turns out everything seems to be ok), we currently have no furniture in the living room, and are hoping to get new furniture in the near future. However even with no furniture I still cooked dinner for my loving hubby and awesome parents last night!


Deer fajitas! yum. yum. I have still yet to blow my diet, my hubby even took me to olive garden and I only went over just a tad!

photo 3

And to end out my week I will be having a (much needed) girls night with two great friends! Cant wait!


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