Siblings .. The best thing you can have

When I was young all I ever wanted was an older brother. When I got married I not only got an older brother but two more sisters! Meaning I now have three sisters and a brother! I honestly love my siblings that I got when I married as if I have been with them since the day I was born! I am thankful God have me them. The only downside to siblings is that you worry about them ALL the time! You love them so much and only want the absolute best for them. Truth is.. They are their own person who will make their own decisions. Yes I know it’s hard to believe they don’t see things as you do and they defiantly don’t think you are always right… However in the end all you can do is support them when they are at their highest point and at the lowest! God has a plan and if he leads them down a certain path it is in his plan. Just love them through it. This is one of my personal struggles at the moment (not the loving my sibling part.. The whole it’s part of a greater plan and I just need to let God do his thing part). So to end this out I’ll just say I love my brother and sisters more than life and will love them through the rough and the smooth times! And following are some pictures of the best brother and sisters a girl could ask for…





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