Deer Season Is Comin’

Deer season is comin! The preparations for deer season have started! We have officially purchased me my first bow! I am very excited to be bow hunting with my husband! I love that we can do things like this together! Growing up i would have never imagined that i would be hunting and doing other stuff like tubing in the lake. I have done so many things and look forward to all our many adventures to come!

In the mean time in response to my last post i am still struggling with the whole “its part of a greater plan even though i don’t see it that way” thing..
Also this weekend i seemed to have blown my diet.. not totally but i didn’t do very good… I will workout tonight!

And in other news i also have a pen pal in france and switzerland, and i don’t know why i haven’t done this sooner! It is so interesting to hear about the other cultures and the different languages!

and as normal following are recent pictures…






This picture was taken by my pen pal in france, it is just beautiful!


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