Life in the fast lane..

This school semester has flown by! I feel like just yesterday I was starting my junior year at HSU! I am half way through the semester already! I will officially be a SENIOR next semester. Yes that’s right I will be a senior in college. Words can not even begin to explain my excitement. I thought that this day would never come! I Honestly can’t believe that I will be student teaching in two and a half semesters! EEEK!!

This weekend my husband went hunting so naturally that meant girl time and babysitting! My sweet friend came into town from HPU. It was great to see her and get to laugh and do crazy things with her like we did in high school!

My brother also got engaged last week! EEEEK! Praying for a healthy and happy marriage. And not to mention my gorg. best not friend found out she is having a GIRLLLLLLL! I can’t wait to dress that angel in tutus and dresses and love on her sweet self!

I have no other really big news other than I am now (officially) tutoring 2 local children. I will be a full time student, work part time, and work as a tutor. I am beginning to get a little stressed but I know that it will all work out!


Emily’s cat did not want to take a selfie with me….





My sweet halo bug! He is all about those close ups!



Sweet emery! Snuggles are always the best!



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