What’s in the air

Dear winter, I would really appreciate it if you would make your way to abilebe right about now. We need a good freeze to get all this crap out of the air! My allergies have been absolutely crazy lately! I am ready for this to end.

Me and my husband have recently become addicted to the tv series “the walking dead”.. Currently in season 4. I have nothing monumental to take about, just my stressors and normal life of the week! My husband also took me on my first bow hunt ever ..pictures below… We did not get a deer as we had hoped, but I love the early mornings in the deer blind with my favorite person in the world!

My life recently has been absolutely crazy busy. My grandad has been in the hospital, parents in Houston for 3 weeks, 2 tests, 4 presentations, tutoring, and of course working. I think I may have lost mind so if anyone see it please return it to me… My stress level is through the roof so when my allergies decided to make an appearance on top of all of that you can see how that would make one person want to cry.. I may have even had a slight breakdown on Monday in one of my classes.. Resulting in our professor having a little devotional! This is one of the perks of going to a private baptist college! I am thankful for those who surround me with love and encouragement on a daily basis!
P.s. things in my life might soon be changing so send good thoughts or prayers my way!
And as always…









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