when will “crazy” not describe my life….

As the school year has progressed I have not slowed down a single bit! I have been so stressed out lately that being stressed out is making me more stressed out which makes me more stressed out… So what do I do? eat. I know it is unhealthy, therefore I am getting back into my workout routine! I plan to workout this weekend with one of my friends who will hopefully kick my butt! I am hoping that by working out more my stress level will go down..? I am also getting to have a game night with my siblings tonight and that is just what I needed to think about other things and de-stress

I am also going rifle hunting for the first time this year with my sweet hubby tomorrow! To say I am excited is an understatement. Hopefully in my next post I will be telling y’all about my successful hunting trip! My dad has been doing his radiation treatments for about almost 2 weeks now and he has one more week! I am ready for them to be home! I will be so happy when they finally get home after this 3 looooong weeks! I have not done anything significant since my last blog… so until next time!

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