Big bucks with a side of thanksgiving

This hunting season we have gone to Lometa and came home empty handed several hunts.. But it was worth it all in the end! We had almost given up and about to head home and then we saw a doe.. Blayze said shoot it, it’s in range and we are about to leave.. I said no, and yes he got upset that I said if I would shoot a doe if I hadn’t gotten what I was hunting for.. Aka my second buck. So we kept walking and that’s when Blayze saw him rubbing in a bush. That buck had no clue we were there he was too focused on rubbing so we got down and crawled up as close as we could. I took a shot from 200 yards and he took a few steps and fell. I can not explain the feeling of shooting a deer and seeing my husband beaming with joy of what had just happened! I called my dad and started crying. Embarrassing I know but it was one of the best feelings. I love hunting with my husband and for me there is nothing better then waking up early, seeing the sunrise, and hunting hard for the perfect deer with the man I love more than anything!




And now onto my husbands trip! Once again it was the morning that we were leaving and it was our last hunt before we headed home! He was a little frustrated and ready to give up and go fishing! However he said I’m going to sit here and rattle for 5 minuets and that’s it, then we are leaving. Sure enough he rattles and sees a deer flash up on the hill. Now at this point the deer was a good ways off (I couldn’t even see him .. Or her..) but that gave hope. Blayze started grunting and rattling harder and about 20 minuets later we saw him. Or I should say Blayze saw him. I saw the buck for a split second and lost him and Blayze is preparing to take the shot. The buck steps out and he shoots. “HES GOING DOWN! HES GOING DOWN!” I never saw him going down (and I’m totally ok with that.. I don’t like seeing that part..) but to see my husband so excited he can’t stop shaking make me the happiest wife around!




This thanksgiving was mostly spent in Lometa but honestly it was one of the best thanksgivings to have! Spending time with my favorite person in the world doing what we love most! I wouldn’t trade these hunting trips for anything in the world!
And now for the pictures of the beautiful Lometa minus the dead bucks…






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