Dads Day


Fathers Day. Thankful for these dads that i have in my life!


I am so thankful for my dad who has shown me how to fight for what i believe, how to love, how to start the lawn mower, how to be a lover of God, and many more things. I have been blessed to get the opportunity to watch him and how he handles things. We have all had rough patches in life, but my dad has never lost his fire. He doesn’t let the hard times get him down. He keeps fighting! Thanks to my dad for being such a perfect example of unconditional love. Also thanks for being my partner in crime! You are my hero!


Now to the man who raised the man of my dreams. Thank you for that! You also have taught me many things like how to live life to the fullest, take chance, how to love regardless of past mistakes, how to have fun. You truly are a blessing and i am thankful that I get to have you as my father in law! Love you just like if you were my own dad! Thanks for all the love and memories!

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