Itching for a little relief

Well as of Friday my summer has officially begun. I am ready to start this next semester and get this over with! On another note we finally got our pictures taken (by the VERY talented Kelsey Aycock) for our second anniversary! She is a wonderful photographer and I am so thankful that she was willing to work with us. I was surprised at the amount of good pictures we got! She really knows what she’s doing!

10302637_10205599735090604_7012204971137566954_n 11541926_10205557470114006_6079887425677238716_n 11745670_10205599732090529_7510096093828546115_n 11402966_10205599732490539_918611619388608100_n 11227645_10205599728610442_2310396768439552688_nI am so blessed with my amazing husband! I will never grow tired of the laughs, and sweet memories that I have the opportunity to share with him! He works hard for us and for that I am thankful!

And now about our lovely weekend adventure. We went to Lometa Texas to get our stuff ready for this upcoming deer season. We worked outside from about 8-1. After that we went to one of my personal favs Underwood’s for lunch! I had to have the cherry cobbler and it was simply delicious! We finally got home, and a few hours later we went to bed. That’s when it hit. I was woken up 3 times due to uncontrollable itching… It has been miserable..


OK, so apparently the chiggers really liked me.. and that is just the backs of my knees.. now imagine that from literally my feet to my neck (at least 200 bites) Needless to say I did not get any seep last night. Coffee will have to carry me through the day. I have tried all the home remedies and anti itch creams in sight. However my (super cool) neighbor came to the rescue with some essential oils to try. THESE HAVE WORKED THE BEST for long term itch relief. I have always seen people talking about these oils on blogs, Facebook, twitter, and even insta, however I have been skeptical until now. If they can soothe this SERIOUS itch I’ve got going on, I can only imagine the other wonders that they can work. I might be trying some of these in the near future.

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