How to know if you’re married to a hunter

 How to know if you have fallen for a man who is in love with the outdoors (and is also in love with you too)


1. You have taken pictures together in camo because this is the only way to get your husband to take “family pictures”


2. Your shower has that stinky dirt smelling shampoo and body wash, and on the counter is the same scent in deodorant, and you also have to wash clothes in the same smelly scent…

3. You find lots of random, yet stinky (and sometimes bloody) articles of clothing outside the shower, or in a trail leading to the bathroom from the back door.

4. Camo is just a part of your everyday attire


5. While your husband is out hunting you anxiously wait by the phone hoping for a picture of a dead animal.. And then you promptly post a picture on Facebook or Instagram because you are so proud!


6. You find duck calls, empty shells, turkey beards, and various other things randomly lying around the house

7. You spend countless hours looking up recipes for how to cook deer, dove, duck, or any other animal that your husband brings through the door

8. If it is not deer season, dove season, duck season, or any other season it’s probably “fishing season”


9. The only store you shop at is Academy, Cabelas, or Bass Pro. Most of the time spent in these stores is looking at equipment that you can’t afford or already have at home.

10. Your freezer is always full of meat; usually deer meat with the sometimes mystery meat that just got thrown into the freezer without being labeled.


11. You never have to worry about what to buy him for Christmas/birthdays. Its rather simple, camo, hunting accessories, or more camo.

12. You have camo that also fits your dog, and all your dogs collars, leashes, and toys are either camo or resemble one of the animals that your husband goes hunting for.


13. Your dates are usually spent hunting, and there is no better date, in your husbands eyes (and even now your eyes),  than watching the sunrise/sunset from the deer blind.


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