My first bow buck: King George

A couple of weekends ago I shot my VERY FIRST bow buck. I have the privilege of being able to hunt in good ole Lometa Texas. It is beautiful out there y’all! We had been bow hunting every weekend since opening day 2015. I was after one particular buck, King George. I had been watching him from the previous year, we had a handful of game camera pictures of him, and I just knew I wanted him.

We went out on a Saturday morning and we saw him. 60 yards away. The shot was way too far and he never came any closer. That night we decided to sit a little closer to where we had seen him that morning, but this time we sat in a ladder stand. I personally am terrified of heights so getting up there and staying up there was a huge feat in its self. We had never really seen King George in the evenings, and we knew that he did not take the route we were sitting on in the evenings. However this particular evening he did. We watched him come in, and eat on some BB squared that we had put out that morning.  He has been known to skirt around and not give a shot, however he gave me the shot and I took it. King George took off, ran right at the tree we were sitting in, took a hard left ran 20 yards and fell. This hunt was absolutely incredible. I am thankful to my husband who takes me, teaches me, and hunts with me. Now it’s his turn to get out there and get him a big buck!

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