Thanksgiving and all the fixins

Thanksgiving of 2015 was a success. The day was spent with my family at my grandmas house! We arrived at 11 am and didn’t leave until 8 that night! Usually every year we go out to the ranch on Thanksgiving and that next day all of the men work the cattle. However this year that was not in the cards, instead we stayed home while it rained ALL weekend!

The next week the weather permitted us to finally make it down to Lometa to help work cattle, do a little hunting, and spend the weekend! We did not come home with a deer this trip. I have already gotten my deer for the year, however Blayze has not. He claims that he isn’t going to get one this year because he is now focusing on fishing. We will see about that…LOLZ… Now for the even better news (drum roll please……) I AM DONE WITH COLLEGE CLASSES! As of January I will be student teaching. I am beyond excited to start this last leg of this journey I have been on for that past 3 1/2 years! Until then my days are spent preparing for the Christmas season, and working!

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