Here’s to new beginnings

This summer has been a total whirlwind. I accepted a new job as a 4th grade teacher (YAY). I can’t believe that I have graduated and now have an adult job. That’s crazy. {it’s great to be a Wylie bulldog} 

*below you will find a picture of my {totally awesome} planner for the school year because I am way too excited to start teaching

The next thing that this summer held is we are OFFICALLY first time home buyers. I know another crazy grown up thing. This crazy jump is so exciting though! I am so thankful for the things that the Lord has blessed me with. 

*below you will find us with our new house because why not 

I between the new job and the house we have spent the rest of our summer with family, family, and a little more family. To say that so far this summer has been good to us is an understatement. We are truly blessed with an amazing family and the best friends. Forever thankful. 

*And now for a summer photo dump

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