Oh boy

Here we are at 26 weeks! This last week has been so exciting! We got to check up on our sweet boy and he decided to open his mouth for a picture! He is happy and healthy! Apparently he is a really big boy but as long as he’s healthy that’s all we care about! His kicks are my absolute favorite! This pregnancy so far *knock on wood* has been uneventful! Heart burn is really my only complaint so far. I’m sure that will change! We also have almost got his nursery complete! Every thing we do makes it seem that much more real that our sweet boy will be here before we know it! His room is now my favorite place to be in the house! I’m so thankful for our family that has helped us to prepare for Dax! This year Christmas is being held at our house so I wanted his nursery done by then! With Christmas only a few days away I’m happy to say we met our deadline!!

Here are a few pictures of his nursery:

He is so loved already! I can’t believe that next Christmas we will have two little feet running around! 

We also recently took maternity pictures! I can not wait to get those pictures back! This holiday season has been my favorite one so far! All of these new experiences and stuff for our boy has been a blast and I’m so glad I get to do these things with the sweetest husband around! 

Last but not least here is a photo dump of what we’ve been doing lately and a couple of bump pictures:

And here are a few more of little Dax, his little foot and sweet face! Can’t wait to kiss those cheeks and little baby feet!

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