The most wonderful time of the year

Christmas 2016 has come and gone and to say it was good to us is an understatement! The gifts we received were great, however having our sweet boy be showered with gifts and he isn’t even here yet was even better. He is so loved by so many and it amazes me how much love for this little one there is! He will just never know how much we all love him! Christmas was at our house for the first time this year. It was a blast. We had some amazing food and plenty of laughs and fun! Christmas defeniantly wore me out this year! I slept for 12 hours Christmas Day night! 

On the 26th I woke up to baby boy kicking like there was no tomorrow! I saw him kick so hard it moved my stomach and I even got it on video…

I could not believe that he kicked so hard I could see it and much less that he did it on camera! We are now at 27 weeks and still felling great! Dax’s nursery is now totally done except having a dresser. We have also taken out maternity pictures! The shoot went great and I can not wait to get them back! I am so thankful for such sweet and talented friends who were willing to take our pictures! I will for sure be sharing those when I get them! 

Here is the remaining photos from Christmas holidays (I didn’t get much):

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