31 weeks

That’s right we only have maybe 9 more weeks until we finally get to hold our little one! We are so very excited! At 31 weeks he is already head down and moving around like crazy. He has started to wake me up at nights moving! At the beginning of this pregnancy I thought he wasn’t very active but boy was I wrong. He is measuring big so we are thinking he might not make it till his due date. At 30 weeks he weighed (an estimated) 4 lbs 13 oz! That’s almost 5 lbs. He’s huge. He is still very healthy though! They don’t seem to have any concerns with him other than he’s big but that’s alright! They are concerned that my glucose test did not come back accurately so in about a week we go back to the specialist (for the fourth time) to see if he is still measuring big. Which I have no doubt he will be, and if he is we have to re take the glucose test. They say that sometimes big babies means gestational diabetes. We are hoping that since his daddy was a big baby that it is nothing more than he’s a big boy. 

His room is almost complete and the season of showers is about to begin. It is really starting to sink in that in a few short weeks we will actually be a momma and daddy! This is such an amazing and crazy journey but it has been so much fun! We also recently got our maternity pictures back:

(More to follow in the photo dump at the end!)

We have been so busy and I believed that after the holidays were over it would slow down. I was wrong. My mom finally got Dax’s room for her house complete, we’ve had doctors appointments, finishing up registeries, getting ready for showers, maternity pictures, etc. However this kind of busy has been a fun kind of busy! It was so much fun to finally put clothes on the registery and try to imagine what he will look like in them! I know that life with a baby doesn’t slow down but I am hoping that time will! 


Photo dump: 

*special thanks to copper and pearl for the amazing maternity pictures*

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