39 weeks

39 weeks. WHAT. Monday will be 39 weeks.  Seriously can not believe that we are this close to having our sweet babe here with us! This picture is from 37 weeks and that was the last time we get to see this boys face until we are holding him! All this time he has been measuring HUGE. Which was scary and possibly going to cause complications or a c section. However at 37 weeks his growth has plateaued. He was in the 94th percentile and went down to the 70th percentile. This was such good news. They have not mentioned a c section anymore because he is not as big as they were predicting him to be, which makes this (scared) first time momma very happy. This past week has been spring break for me and the rest has been very much needed! I will be going back to work on Monday if Dax has not made his big arrival by then. I am wondering is going back to work will accelerate things. However if there is one thing I do know is that he’s not on my time, my husband time, or even his own time, we are all in Gods time. Dax will come when he’s done baking and God is ready for him to be here. I’m also convinced that Sammie knows something we don’t know. She has been exceptionally attached to momma and newly obsessed with laying in my chest and belly. 

We have also been so blessed with the outpouring of love for Dax from all our friends at our showers! {shower pictures below} We are so thankful for all the people who have been so helpful during this pregnancy! I am hopeful that I will have no need to make a 40 week update because I already feel like I’ve been pregnant for 400 weeks. I am at the point where no clothes are comfy except maxi dresses and t-shirt dresses. There is only one word to describe my feet: swollen. They were worried about my swelling however my blood pressure has been good, so that is a relif. 

Now for the photo dump:

{video was at 38 weeks}

{picture was at 37 weeks}

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