Dax’s birth story (part 1)


Monday March 27, 2017 at 11:20 am Dax Michael Walker came into this big word.

Leading up to this day was what felt like forever. We had tried all of the naturals ways of inducing labor (including: bouncing on a ball, drinking some herbal tea, diffusing essential oils, lots of walking) with no prevail. On the Sunday before he was born I spent my day bouncing on a ball and doing some yoga that was supposed to help induce labor. However after a couple of hours doing these off and on I decided I was too tired and chose to do some relaxing stuff instead. I put on my favorite face mask, followed with a shower, and a 3 hour nap. Boy was that nap glorious, and little did I know much needed for the events that were about to take place. My husband decided that if I slept any longer I would be up all night so he proceeded to wake me up. After waking up I got out of bed and thats when it happened. My water broke. At first I was in a little bit of denial, like this can’t be really happening!  However it was definitely my water. I was so hungry at this point and decided I would make a sandwich before making our way to the hospital. (I know what your thinking.. why did she not rush to the hospital right away.. well once you are there they won’t feed you until after the baby comes! I knew that could be a while and lets face it I was 9 months pregnant and hungry.) As soon as I finished my sandwich we were on our way to the hospital. By this point we had gone to the hospital a couple of times and in the back of my head I still felt like we would get there and they would send us home. This was not the case. We got there, they checked and immediately knew my water was broken and admitted me. This was when panic hit me. This is real, I am about to have a baby, our son we have waited and longed for is about to be here. I guess Blayze could read my face and he instantly went into comforting and encouraging mode. I honestly do not think I could have done this without him. They decided that they would start me on Pitocin at 4 the next morning (his actual due date, the 27th) if I did not have him by then. They moved me to a real room, and the waiting continued.


 4 am came around and the Pitocin began. Up until this point I had contractions, however after my water broke they seemed to stop. I was still dilating however I was not having crazy contractions. BUT that changed really quick with that Pitocin. 30 minutes after the process getting started I asked for the epidural. It took a while for them to give it to me and with each contraction without the epidural I thought to myself “if I have one more contraction before I get that medicine I am going to die”. I know that is really dramatic, but that’s exactly how I felt at that time. I finally got my epidural and just like that I felt like a new woman. After a few hours and laying with a “peanut ball” between my legs for a while I became so cold I could not stop shaking. I was ready to push, however I never really felt that urge that everyone talks about. The nurses came in to check me and she was like its time. Everyone left the room except my husband, sister in law and my mom. After almost 2 hours of pushing and he was crowning and they called the doctor in. When my doctor came in a whole team of nurses followed. That was a little overwhelming. However at that point I did not care, I just wanted to be done. The doctor came in and I pushed for a while, and just like that our boy was in this big world. Hearing Dax cry for the first time was very overwhelming. That is one feeling that I can not explain. Getting to hold him for the first time, and spend the next hour skin to skin was the best moments of my life this far.

Photo dump to follow:

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