Dax’s birth story (part 2)

After spending an hour skin to skin it was time for our new addition to get weighed and all that good stuff. To say that he was un happy about having all that done is an understatement. They weighed him: 8 pounds 10 ounces. They measured him to be 21.25 inches. They did the apgar test and he received a 9.9 out of 10! He was so happy when they finished with him and got him all wrapped up! Honestly everything from then until I was moved to mother care is a blur. When it was time to move Blayze pushed our sweet boy and I was wheeled in a wheel chair to where we would then spend the next 24 hours. Once we go to mother care the beds were a lot more comfortable, the room slightly smaller, but the nurses were equally amazing. Once we got to mother care I started to come out of being in shock from just having a baby, and coming back into the real world. Having a baby definitely sent me into a little bit of shock. I mean how could it not?

We had visitors coming by, and let me tell you that is exhausting! We settled down into our room and the swing of things in mother care. My pain was not out of this world, like i thought it would be, the nurses made sure I was comfortable.  People kept telling me to try to get some rest, but that’s hard when you have the cutest little thing you’ve ever seen sleeping next to you. Not to mention people coming in to check on you all hours of the night. (Which do not get me wrong I am thankful for that!) We woke up the next morning and Dax was taken off to see his pediatrician for the first time. While he was gone my doctor came by to check up on me as well. By this time Dax was feeding like a champ on the left side, but not so much on the right side. We got the ok to go home, however I was not sure if I was ready to go home or not. I wanted to be able to sleep in my own bed, but I was terrified to take this precious little boy home and out of the place that seemed so safe. I decided I wanted to meet with the lactation consultants before we made the call to go home or not. We met with the consultants and they gave us some good tips and Dax fed like a champ on the right side for literally at least an hour! I was so impressed! We decided that we would go home, a storm was coming and we wanted to get home before it hit. We got out just in time, and were on our way home to be the parents to our sweet boy. All on our own. (Terrifying, I know.)

Pictures from Dax’s birthday and the following day:


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