Life as I know it with a newborn

Dax Newborn-85.jpg

Holy moly. Life with a newborn is so crazy different than I was expecting! It is by far the most fun season of my life, but also the most challenging. I would not trade these sleepless nights, for life without this precious gift I have been given. However do not get me wrong I do miss my sleep.. The one thing I was not expecting about life with a newborn can be summed up into one word: HORMONES. Seriously the hormones have taken me by surprise. I was very emotional while pregnant and I could not wait for that to go away. I was tired of crying for no reason, getting upset with people for no reason, or in general just feeling sad. Well guess what..its all still happening. It may even be a bit worse due to the fact I was not getting any sleep! The first 2 weeks were definitely the hardest. Dax needed to wake up every 3-4 hours to eat, and lets be honest he was wanting to eat every 1-2 hours! During that first week home Dax decided that he did not want to eat anymore. Previous to this he had been breastfeeding like a champ. He went one day and one night with eating very little. Luckily the next day we had an appointment at the lactation consultant at Hendricks. The day of our appointment was my worst day yet. The thoughts of ” I’m good enough”, “why can’t I just feed him and everything work like it is supposed to”, “am I a bad mom”, Is this my fault”, all creeped into my head and took completely over. We went to the appointment at 1 o’ clock that afternoon and they weighed him, he had lost over 1 whole pound since he was born and that was more than they wanted. This made me even more upset. They watched him eat, ad she decided that we should try to use shields to help him while he eats. She reassured me that this in no way was my fault (this was little consolation) and that she believed that he would start feeding like he should. We left the office and on the way home I cried for literally the 30th time that day. So thankful to have a husband who did not tell me I was crazy and who instead did anything to comfort me. Once we were home we proceeded to use all the different tips and techniques we had learned earlier that day during each feeding. By the next day he was eating like a champ all over again! Not even a week later we had already gotten to ditch the shields! This was so exciting for me because it was one less thing I had to make sure was always packed in the diaper bag wherever we went!

The second week was a little easier, however still its own new kind of hard. Blayzes had to go back to work, but my mom had taken off and spent the whole week with me. Dax had his first doctor appointment on that Monday and to say I was nervous was an understatement. The first thing they did was weigh him and when I saw that scale my heart jumped for joy! He had gained weight back! We were officially back on track. Everything else looked good and we went by Starbucks on the way home to celebrate a good report. We then finished up his new born picture session and spent the rest of the week resting, eating (him and me both), and enjoying time with g-mom while we could!

The 3rd week was even easier (still challenging but a little easier) because we were starting to get into a routine! I love routine, and turns out so does he! I was flying solo this week with my husband back working and my mom also working again. I made it and both of us ended the week alive and healthy! Aunt Steph made a lot of appearances to check on us, as well as other family that we are so thankful for! I am so excited that we have made it this far, but also sad because even though he is still little he is growing like a weed. Seriously why can they not stay little forever!



Pictured above is the first time daddy got peed on…


First time getting to meet his fur sister Emma 

Dax’s first Easter at grandmas house

Dax got to finally meet his Ma

His first bath- couldn’t take a real one because his cod was not totally out yet

Meeting his cousins 


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