1 Month Update

Weight: 12 pounds 4 ounces

Height: 23 inches

Sleep: Dax will usually sleep for 6 hours, wake up to eat, then sleep another 4 hours! This just started about a week and a half ago, and let me just say it is glorious! 

Clothes: He is currently wearing 3-6 month clothes! How is that possible my little 1 month old baby is wearing 3-6 month clothes?! He’s a big boy, but we already knew that from the get go!

Baby Gear loves:

Our biggest must have right now is his arms up swaddle! Dax did not like the convintional swaddling method. He could always find his way out of them, even the ones where he was all velcroed in. He would get his arms out and flail them around, waking himself up. When we would even try to swaddle him he would just cry! We went to our local kids store (Lite Giant Kidz) and got the Love to Dream arms up swaddle. He can sleep now without constantly waking himself up! It’s magical. 

Dax also looks pretty cute in these swaddles!

Milestones/Firsts: on Tuesday (4/25/17) Dax started smiling. He smiled a lot that day and has occasionally done it since! He used to smile when he has gas only but these smiles lately are intentional! It’s just the sweetest!

Likes: EATING (a lot!), cuddling momma and daddy, being outside, bath time is his absolute favorite (he would stay in the bath all night if we would let him), car rides, sleeping with his arms up

Dislikes: getting out of the bath (he cries every single time like it’s the worst possible thing we could have done to him), going to sleep (once he’s asleep he is fine but he fights sleep like there is no tomorrow), 

Things I Don’t Want to forget:

  • Dax makes the sweetest faces and has such a big personality already! This is my favorite face so far and he makes it all the time:
  • In the middle of the night feeding are bittersweet. I would love to be asleep, however when he’s looking at me with his big eyes and so happy I feel like my heart might literally explode. Some of my favorite moments have been during these feedings! 
  • I also hope I never forget his litttle noises he makes so here is a few videos of my favorite noises:​​​
  • Dax loves to sleep with his arms up even when he’s not in his swaddle I mentioned before and it’s just the cutest:

Now for the photo dump:

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