All of those things make for the perfect weekend. Dax got to meet his great Mamo and great aunt Kristi for the first time this weekend! He also got to see all his favorite people (minus his lolly) this weekend. We spent our Saturday morning with pops since it was his birthday. It was a perfect rainy Saturday morning. Rainy weather calls for naps. Right?!

So that’s exactly what Dax and daddy did (and sammie). Nap. While I did not nap myself I did get some things around the house done!

Fast forward to Saturday evening. Dax’s papa was playing and singing at a crawfish boil at a local restaurant. We went and Dax slept through the first 45 minuets. It was loud there and he slept right through the noise! We ate crawfish until our bellies were stuffed.

Sunday was just a continuance of the perfect weekend. We tried a new church that is downtown (The Well). Then made our way to gmom and pops house to celebrate pops birthday with the whole family. We literally were surrounded by family all weekend. I can not think of a better way to spend the weekend. Short blog post, but this would have made for an extremely long Facebook post.

Now for the photo dump from the weekend:


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