4 Month Update

Weight: 17 pounds 8 ounces
Height: 26 1/2 inches
Sleep: Lately Dax has still been waking at 12:30 and 4:30 to nurse. However while he had a cold he was waking up VERY frequently. He would wake every 1-2 hours and nurse or need the snot sucked out. (Gross I know!)
Clothes: He is currently wearing 9-12 month clothes, with the occasional (bigger) 6 month outfit, but really that’s just because I love the outfit and I’m not ready to give it up.
Baby Gear loves:
Our biggest must have right now is toys. This boy is really starting to want to play! He loves his toy at gmoms that plays music and has 360 degrees of fun. He also loves his books that he plays with at his grandmas house that play music! He pretty much loves all things that make a sound! We also couldn’t make it these days without one of these:

Dax will sit in this and play while Mama gets ready or cooks! It’s great! I just give him some toys and boom hands free to get ready!
Dax’s favorites: Bath time is pretty much a given now. Dax also really seems to love to talk a lot, but his all time favorite time to talk is during church. He talks during prayer, songs, and preaching. I like to think he’s praising the Lord in his own 4 month old kind of way. He loves music and sometimes lately even seems to try to wiggle to the music! Dax really loves to sit up and attempt to stand up! He loves rice cereal (we just started that) and nursing. He also loves going to school! He really loves his teachers and playing with the other babies. Dax also loves when his lolly “rubs his gums” because “they itch.”

Here is a first day of school picture:

Dax’s dislikes: Dax does not like to lay down. Unless he’s sleeping obviously. He does not like for his feet to be tickled and for mama to get too carried away when she’s taking his pictures.
Milestones: Dax has had several milestones this month! His biggest one: DAYCARE. Yes, he finally started day care. I am so glad he could start before I started school because it is an adjustment for both of us! That first day was rough, and honestly I cried. For hours. We made it through though and it has really been great for him! Dax also is now rolling over like nobodies buisness. You can not leave him anywhere unattended because he will literally roll right off! (No that hasn’t happened yet..thank goodness!) Dax also has started eating rice cereal with a spoon! I’d say he’s doing pretty stinkin good with that too! His hand eye coordination is getting better each day. He can now pick up toys and yank mamas hair (very hard) at will. He can scoot on his back and tries so hard to scoot on his belly.

*also Dax started rolling over this month!!!*

I really can’t believe I’m here writing about another month that has gone past. Each month I say this (and honestly I’m sure I will keep saying this forever) I just want time to slow down. I love watching him grow, but holy moly I want him to stay my baby boy forever. This big boy is really showing little interest in crawling and more interest in standing. His daddy keeps saying maybe we will skip crawling and go straight to walking! However today (7-27) he started acting like he wants to crawl! He was putting his knees up under himself and trying to scoot. He is changing so rapidly and this mama is not ready for all the change. I do love watching him grow and learn but holy moly these days are going too fast. Also today his teachers told me at school he’s teething. Wait. What? My 4 month old is teething. This can’t be.

Here are his sweet 4 month pictures:
*disclaimer: as always there will be a lot of pictures to follow*

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