7 Month Update

Weight: 20 pounds 1 ounces
Height: 27 3/4 inches
Sleep: We were sleeping through the night! Until we got sick… Since we got sick we are waking up EVERY night SEVERAL times a night. This mama is so tired.

Clothes: He is currently wearing 12 month clothes and 18 month clothes.

Baby Gear loves: ALL the toys and ALL the packs. This boy has all of the sudden become attached to his Paci! We tried a new Paci from little giant kids and he is in love. He is also still really into his walkers!



here you can see that sweet face with his new paci!

Dax’s favorites:

Crawling Dax’s dislikes: Ear infections. stomach virus. Ok seriously this whole getting sick thing is for the birds. Mama, Dax, and Daddy are so over it. Dax also seems to dislike pumpkin patches and sitting in pumpkins. (However that makes for some REALLY cute picture! Therefore I have no regrets.)

Milestones: Dax spent the night away from Mama and Daddy for the first time. He stayed with his Mom while we got to have a hunting getaway. Dax has also started to feed himself puffs and yogurt bites. He also had a bite of scrambled eggs, and mashed potatoes! He is crawling as fast as lightning and getting into everything under the moon! TEETH. Dax is also starting to get some teeth in in the bottom!

This month has brought on a new set of challenges, a whole new meaning to mama is tired, and a lot of fun all at the same time. Fall is starting to feel real, and I am just beyond excited to start this holiday season with our new little man. We have already began the Halloween festivities and I must say that we have the cutest skunk in existence! Dax is so fun to watch grow but I just think that if he could stay little forever that would also be ok with me! Some days I wake up and think wow you grew over night. Maybe I should just stop putting him to bed. Lol. School is also still his thing. He loves playing with his friends. Yes, 7 month olds have friends. They get excited to see each other and some of his friends cry when I go pick Dax up for the day. He is such a happy baby and we are so lucky and blessed that we get to call him ours.

We love you baby boy. Cheers to 7 months with our little cowboy:






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