10 Month Update


Weight: 23 pounds 1 ounces

Height: 30 inches

Sleep: Sleeping mostly through the night. We started cry it out and it worked amazing. Dax was sleeping like a champ until he got sick. Now we are starting over! However it is not as hard as it was before!

Clothes: He is currently wearing 18 month clothes! He can still wear some of his 12 month clothes and also fit into his 24 month clothes!

Baby Gear loves: BLOCKS, his Paci, all the toys.

Dax’s favorites: Playing with toys is still at the top. His other favorites are: giggling, climbing up the slide, petting the buck in the living room, talking, trying to walk, giving high fives, also giving LOTS of sugars.

Dax’s dislikes: **I feel like this is the first month I am not starting this section with ear infections!!**  Dax dislikes momma or daddy leaving the room, peanut butter, too much tickles.

Milestones: Dax is really about to walk. He has the balance but not the guts yet. He is climbing on everything. Literally everything. He has started to make new noises and sounds. He is also learning new things every day. It is so fun to watch him learn how to do things just from watching us.

10 months of watching you grow down & forever to go. This past month has gone so quick. I feel like I blinked and here I am writing another month’s post. Dax got sick at the tail end of this month (With what you ask? We do not know. Maybe flu. Maybe not). We did however make it through this month with NO EAR INFECTIONS! I have also set a date for his first birthday party. I really can’t believe right around the corner my baby boy will be 1. Dax also got a new cousin this month. As always we have spent a lot of time with cousins, grandparents, aunts and uncles. I love watching our families love on Dax. Dax is starting to really play with others, including his cousins!

Here he is with his cousin Jett :

Dax momma and daddy love you more and more every day. Here’s to another amazing month spent getting to watch you learn, grow, giggle, and love others!

Here’s some videos from this last month:

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