Dax update

Here’s the story from the beginning:

Dax has been running fever off and on for a couple days and we chalked it up to Just teething. I took him to the doctor and he said everything looked good so he figured teething or a little virus. Over the next few days Dax continued to run fever and he started getting high fevers (102-103). Seeing him like this was way hard:

At this appointment we got tested for the flu. His test came back negative but his doctor said it look like flu so that is what we are going to treat it as. After that night Dax’s “flu like” symptoms went away. However his fever still lingered. His doctor had mentioned his fever could stick around for several days. One week later he STILL had fever! We decided we needed to take him back to the doctor. I made an appointment (Feb. 1 my birthday woohoo) and we waited in the waiting room for 2 hours. Let me just tell you taking your kiddo to the doctor alone should get you some sort of medal because keeping a 10 month old off the floor and entertained is HARD. We finally got to the room and saw the PA. She looked him over and said his ears are clear and he looks pretty good. Then she told me well today you get to see two people stick around and the doctor is going to come take a look. (In my head I’m like ok just make this quick I’m ready to be out of here!) the doctor comes in and looks at Dax and said all seemed normal. He said he wants to take some blood and do some tests because obviously something is causing this fever. He said these tests will be testing for bone infections (ok), tumors (what?), and leukemia (whaaaaat?!). That’s one big ugly word. To be honest I have no idea what he said after that. Leukemia. My baby. No. Just no. I got in the car and started home and just about lost it. (I know it’s probably unsafe driving and crying but don’t lecture me on that now.) I called Blayze and told him and we were both just shocked. Everyone kept telling us this is routine blood work and when it comes back tomorrow it would be normal and it was probably just a weird side effect from the flu.

Next day:

My mom had to take Dax to the lab to get his blood drawn. They told me they would be calling by noon with the results. Noon came and nothing. I was getting anxious. 1 hit and still nothing. 1:20 and the doctor called. “Dax’s blood work came back abnormal you need to bring him to my office as soon as possible and we are going to admit him to the pediatric wing at the hospital. Don’t drive 90 miles an hour to get here but I need you to get here fast.” Literally thought my heart had physically broken. Those 3 words spinning in my head. Leukemia. Tumors. Infection. We get Dax to the doctors office and are admitted to the hospital to run more tests. We stayed in the hospital from Friday through Sunday. Dax had a ton of blood work done, a bone scan, some swabs, and an ultra sound done in the hospital. His blood work had gotten worse since that morning(his sed rate and white blood cell count was very high and he was anemic), his ultra sound showed NO tumors, his bone scan showed NO infection in bones or joints, and the rest of the results we were having to just wait. Waiting is also HARD. By the time we left the hospital the on call doctor said he thinks we can pretty much rule out leukemia. However he still didn’t know what was causing this. Since Dax wasn’t having fever anymore we got sent home to wait some more on more blood work.

The whole time we’re at the hospital he didn’t run any fever (of course) and he acted so happy and normal. He played and loved getting to see his favorite people all day:

We got home and it felt so good to be home!

Sunday night the on call doctor called and said his blood work was still abnormal but it was getting a little better. We had follow up blood work in a few days. That blood work came back and again still abnormal but a little bit better. Another round of blood work and we got the same results. Abnormal but a little better. Dax’s doctor decided to talk with the doctor at cooks and they wanted an echocardiogram done and all his labs repeated stat. He got those tests ran and his echocardiogram came back normal (yay) and his blood work was still going down. They didn’t get enough blood this time for his sed rate (which has been the number that was sooooo high this whole time). We have blood work again on Friday and we are praying this is the last time our little trooper gets poked. We don’t have any answers yet but I am very confident our doctor is doing his best and everything he can to make sure our boy is ok!

*with all of that said yes it is confirmed he DID NOT have flu, and no this is not his allergies*

We are so thankful for our family/friends who came to the hospital or texted or prayed for us during this crazy time. Please keep the prayers coming!

One thought on “Dax update

  1. praying for you and your family! So sorry this is happening you have my number if there is anything I can do to help. call or text any time I don’t mind ever!

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