Weight: 24 pounds 7 ounces

Height: 31.5 inches

Sleep: this baby is sleeping through the night and it is great!

Clothes: He is currently wearing 18-24 Month clothes! He is also wearing a size 5 c shoe!

Baby Gear loves: HAPPY PLATES! Y’all this plate is amazing. It has helped so much at dinner! Dax is no longer able to just swipe his arms across the table flinging food everywhere!

Dax’s favorites: Playing outside, baths, eating food, warm bottles, daddy, getting to do anything outside with daddy, clapping, walking, trying to run.

Dax’s dislikes: Sometimes he doesn’t want to wear shoes, he doesn’t like when he doesn’t get his way, Dax is also worried if he naps/sleeps he might just miss something fun.

Milestones: Dax has been walking for a while however he has improved so much and is now trying to just run! He has learned how to do and say new things over the past month and I just love seeing him learn. He is like a sponge!

WHOLE MILK. Dax has transitioned to whole milk and we have ended our nursing journey. Dax had a pretty easy time with this! He has only tried to nurse me twice since we have started this transition. As of today he hasn’t nursed for 2 weeks.

Words Dax says a lot:

Momma, more, milk,  buck, boat, bubba (daddy)

Things I don’t want to forget:

  • When you are just on a mission and you crawl with your head almost touching the ground
  • Constantly looking for bucks and pointing at any animal on the wall and calling it a buck
  • giving sugars by only offering up your head
  • the way you rub and play with your feet

1 year. One year with our very best little friend. Dax you have brought more joy to our lives than we could ever imagine. This has been my favorite year yet and I know next year will bring Just as much joy. Over the last year Dax has taught me so much. I always thought it would be me teaching him things, but boy was I wrong. Dax is so much like his daddy it’s unreal. I am still beyond thankful that God chose us to be your momma and daddy. We are so blessed to have you as our son and we will always love you most.

Click HERE to see some of my favorite memories from the past year!

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