Dax’s wild ONE birthday party


It has been a while since his actual party but life has been so busy lately so I am just now getting around to posting his party blog post! Dax had the best party! I was scrolling through Pinterest (dangerous territory…) for birthday ideas for little boys. I came across the idea of a “wild ONE” party and just fell in love with it! For those of you who know Dax you also know that that theme is very fitting! As I started planning the party I kept telling myself I would not go crazy and have a HUGE party. Well turns out planning your baby’s birthday party is a lot of fun and so easy to go overboard on! Dax’s party turned out exactly how I was hoping and I am so excited to finally show y’all all the details!

The food consisted of cupcakes, smores on a stick, the DREAMIEST cookies, and of course popcorn!


Dax had his very own cake. We did a cake smash session with him a couple of weeks before his party and he did not want to eat the cake or really even touch it! I decided to not make his cake and instead buy him a piece of cake from the grocery store. He did the same as he did at his photo session. He did not want it. He would at least touch it but he would rather eat crackers and non sweets instead. (mom win!)

We all sang happy birthday and the Daxs papa sang him a special song! This moment was so sweet and Dax (who loves to “dance”) was just dancing away and absolutely loving every moment!

Thank you to all of the people who came and loved on our sweet boy and to all those who have loved on him through this first year! He is truly blessed with the best family and friends and he just doesn’t even know it yet!

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